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Many people look around this world for talent, looks, and a kind personality. Not many people have this unique way of living, especially the stars we know today. But Zac Efron is a unique actor with all of these fine qualities.
Born in San Luis Obispo, California and raised in Arroyo Grande, California, Zac Efron began acting at the age of 11. His parents also praised his singing ability, enrolling him in singing lessons. He exposed his talent in the production "Gypsy", which he fell in love with acting. After appering in "Peter Pan", "Mame", "Little Shop of Horrors", and "The Music Man" directors quickly found the actor they were looking for. Guest apperences began in "Firefly", "ER", and "The Guardian". "Summerland" was soon added to that list when he guest starred as 'Cameron Bale' for one season and later joined the cast in the second season.
Alongside acting and singing, Zac focused on his junior year in high school. Efron's favorite sports are golf, skiing, rock climbing, and snowboarding. While Efron had a role on Summerland, he enjoyed surfing on occasions. Playing the piano is another musical talent, as well as teaching himself to play the guitar. Living with his parents and his brother Dylan, Efron has also been fixing two cars; a Delorean and a '65 Mustang Convertable. His two dogs and one cat make a great companionship.
Acting, singing, piano and guitar playing, Zac efron does them all! This hot, talented actor that people love and enoy also stars in the new movie "High School Musical". While you check it out, be sure to check him out!

At a Glance

Date of Birth: October 18th, 1987
Education: junior in high school
First Professional Role: acting/singing
Astrological Sign: Scorpio



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